Meet our stylists


Firefly Atelier is a full service hair salon in Vancouver, Washington whose stylists are constantly evolving artistically. A strong education in Sassoon, gives the Firefly team a repertoire to create customized styles that bring out each individual's personality through their hair. We are able to do this in an enjoyable, engaging and positive atmosphere because of our strength in teamwork. We encourage and support growth of our colleagues and contribute to a better world by investing in our community.

We are committed to quality and integrity, embrace our failures as opportunities for growth and resolve issues with grace.


Mandy Rager, Owner ,
Hair Stylist


Cristina Cionea Graves,
Hair Stylist

Margarita Deryavko

Margarita Deryavko,
Hair Stylist


 Cami Caseday,  Unite Educator/Stylist


Deborah Grams, 
Hair Stylist

Nicole Grant

Nicole Grant,
Hair Stylist



Lori Lasco,
Hair Stylist